• Almala

  • Bagutta

    Since 1975, Bagutta is synonymous of Made in Italy men and women shirts: a brand that finds its icon in the classic white shirt. 

  • Duvet

  • Es' Givien

  • Essentiel

  • Francesca Caltabiano

    Francesca Caltabiano , Florentine designer, has always been passionate about minerals, jewelery, cinema and fashion.

  • Garrett

  • Kallisté

    The name Kallisté derives from the ancient greek and means "the most beautiful", a term that emphasizes the ambition to make every woman elegant and extremely charming in every moment of the day.

  • Maineli

  • Moijejoue

  • Nora scarpe di lusso

    Nora shoes was founded in 2011 from the meeting between the family tradition of Antonio and the production experience of tango shoes of Dante. 

  • Numero 10

    Numero 10  is the creature born by the genius of Alberto Mondini, craftsman for 40 years in the fashion industry and the skin.

  • Open Closed

  • Pepper Chocolate

    Pepper Chocolate is a jewelry collection, dedicated to strong women, with a strong artistic content and style.

  • Red Cheeks

    Red Cheeks is a new brand dedicated to all those women who have the desire to stand out and free themselves from the dictates, sometimes too rigid, the mass fashion, to give life to their inner world unique and inimitable.

  • True Nyc