Negozio Tonfano


The first Moijejoue store opened in Florence in 2010, a creation of Costanza Fontani.

Costanza has always loved the world of fashion. In her many travels throughout the world, she has had the opportunity to browse through a great many shops, boutiques and art galleries, which made her realize that Florence was missing a store with a certain style of clothes, bags and accessories.

Tired of working at her father’s office, one day she decided to go it alone, and right in the middle of an economic crisis opened a women’s clothing store.

She made a heady choice: rather than stocking up on the usual well known brands, she decided to bring to Florence the designers she discovered travelling around the world. Her work requires continuous research: in addition to attending international trade fairs and sifting through fashion magazines, she trusts her intuition and attention to new developments, even managing to pre-empt the latest fashion trends.

Moijejoue is a store where you can seek out your own style and discover things you won’t find in other shops, where customers receive the utmost attention. Which means our sales personnel are capable of understanding you, giving you proper advice on what’s right for you!


Negozio Firenze

Because Costanza believes the time has come for women to get back to dressing in a personal manner, each with her own style, identifying with what you buy and not with a specific brand.

Costanza is so original in her selections that at times even her sales staff are perplexed, only to change their minds when customers show their appreciation.

By choice, Costanza decided to open a store in a residential area, so that she could cater especially to Florentine women. Initially the idea was to create a shop run by appointment only, where customers could experience shopping in total freedom, at their own preferred hours, comfortably seated on a sofa, having a coffee and a chat. A niche store, both in its brands and absolutely relaxing atmosphere.

By May 2011 customer requests had increased to the point that the store remained open with more traditional opening hours: everyday from Monday to Saturday.
In May 2012 the store moved to Via Gioberti, the street of a “100 shops”, the favourite shopping street of native Florentines. The store adopted all-day opening hours (from Tuesday to Friday), allowing shoppers to make their purchases during their lunch break, extended into the evening (from 10 am to 8 pm) for those working late.
The second Moijejoue store opened in Tonfano, Versilia, on the Tuscan coast in late 2012. A store with seasonal opening hours, very much oriented toward beachwear and summer clothing.

Today Moijejoue is also an online store, active on social networks.


Quadro BB

In Costanza’s own words:

My uncle is a pop artist who paints a lot. A few years ago, at his home, I came across a portrait of Brigitte Bardot kissing a little bird in the port of Saint Tropez. I don’t know why but I fell in love with that picture.
I believe Brigitte Bardot is a very powerful feminine icon. I like the idea of a dynamic, sensual and refined woman who is spirited, extremely feminine and chic.
This is the sort of woman I want to dress! Thinking of her, I found her song and from there it was just a short step to take. Obviously, everyone tried to talk me out of it, since it isn’t an easy name to remember. But the emotional side of me prevailed!


An important detail for Costanza Fontani is the composition of her staff at the two Moijejoue stores. From the sales personnel to the administrative department, the person managing the e-commerce shop, the press and communications secretary and social media manager, everyone in her staff is a woman.
A point Costanza believes highly in.